Isobar NowLab in Asia – Think Smart TV, NFC, and 3D Mapping

Brainwave reader, leap motion device, and robotic engineers. Sound like a scene from a science-fiction movie? These are some of the new technologies and expertise that the Isobar network’s innovation units, also known as NowLab, aim to research and pioneer new approaches for its clients to navigate the changing media landscape.

NowLab launched its first Asia hub in South Korea in September 2011. In October, it opened its third unit in the region in Australia.

With 2013 just two months away, NowLab executives from each of the markets share what’s going to be hot and why these technologies should be on marketers’ radar.

NowLab Melbourne, Australia

Emerging Tech for 2013: Embedded.

“It’s a catch phrase for everyday objects such as appliances, cars and such now quickly becoming equipped with screens and computers,” said Erik Hallander, interactive director at Visual Jazz Isobar.

Why is this useful for marketers?

“Smart TV is a good example. They might have started out being a little bit clunky and unintuitive but it won’t be long before every TV shipped will have some form of smarts in it. This means an even broader scope of screens and devices that people will consume media with and will undoubtedly become a massive consideration in how the industry approaches digital content.

It also means we will have to customize content to cater for the various experiences that people have during the day with these devices,” Hallander added.

NowLab Shanghai, China

Launched in March 2012

Emerging Tech for 2013: “With the booming growth of digital OOH and mobile, in the next 24 months we are looking at a major leap in adoption of touch computing technologies, film-based touch sensors and mobile ePayment (NFC),” said Jane Lin-Baden, regional practice leader, CRM from Isobar Asia Pacific.

Why is this useful for marketers?

“The consumer purchase journey is no longer linear; people make purchase decisions anytime and anywhere. It is essential for marketers to adopt trans-media strategies and leverage N-screen to create a sleeker brand experience for consumers, and allow them to mix and match their interactions.

Consumers are no longer bound to making purchase decisions at a computer or in-store. The first mile can now be the last mile.

With a convergent content, media and purchase journey, marketers need to aggressively adopt trans-media content strategy, fully leverage N-screen technology and, above all, simplify consumer purchase efforts,” Lin-Baden added.

NowLab Seoul, Korea

Emerging Tech for 2013: Transparency Media Engagement

Why is this useful for marketers?

Digital convergence media is currently a very hot topic. Nicole Wingate, NowLab regional account manager at Isobar Korea said they are honing in on how converged media solutions can deepen engagement between people and brands.

“Creating customized experiences will be key for brands to acquire and retain consumers. Transparency media enables consumers to engage with ad content in interactive ways. Transparency media technology allows for brand content to be manipulated through 3D mapping, touch interaction or controlled through smart phone and NFC devices. Product information, mobile apps and offers can be sent to mobile and tablet devices or shared via social media.

From a brand perspective, the value is that content travels with the consumer facilitating repeat engagement on a utility or promotional level.

In addition, consumer experiences are trackable and provide unique individual consumer insights and learning for campaign optimization.”

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