It’s all Justin… All the Time…

justin-gear.jpgWould you pay to put your company’s name on this guy’s living room wall?

Apparently, it might not be that bad of an idea. Out here in San Francisco young Justin Kan and three of his friends decided to start their own company based on the premise that, get this… people will watch his every move online if he wears a camera on his head 24 hours a day.

And so far they’re right.

Justin is the star of, which streams video directly from the camera positioned on his baseball cap. While it’s a simple enough idea, in the past two weeks since going live with the site Justin has gained an international audience and has become a media darling. Already he’s been written up in the San Francisco Chronicle and this morning appeared on the Today Show.

In light of all the attention he’s getting, it sounds like car sharing service Zip Car, which has a poster up on Justin’s wall, and my local North Beach Pizza delivery business (which, I must admit in full disclosure, I do eat and enjoy), are getting their money’s worth from providing him some wheels and a lot of extra cheese pies.

Of course, when talking over with my friends this weekend, several of them expressed a desire to pull some pranks on poor Justin. After all, he’s already had the police show up more than once at his door for false alarms called in by viewers. Perhaps a fake mugging or a “free Justin!” riot that will liberate him from his apartment? Which got me thinking, maybe the best way to advertise on isn’t to pay him to put a poster on his living room wall, but to surround him with “fans” all wearing the tee shirts of with my company’s logo on it?

Keep in mind, if he does get mugged, I had nothing to do with it. Nothing.

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