iTunes Phone Gets a Promotional Site

Cingular, along with Motorola and Apple, has launched a Web site and online campaign to support the launch of the Motorola ROKR, the new phone and MP3 player that comes bundled with iTunes.

The campaign by Omnicom’s BBDO includes TV, print and outdoor ads. Atmosphere BBDO developed the online campaign.

The site, at, lets visitors interact with a set of eight characters who appear in the Cingular TV spots. These characters can be made to dance by dragging tunes from a seven-song playlist onto a phone icon at the top of the page.

Users can also upload a photo of themselves, which can be edited online to create a dancing figure in the visitor’s own likeness

Additionally, the site hosts the campaign’s TV spots, which also have a dancing theme. Two are currently up, each depicting a woman walking on city streets while listening to music on the ROKR. A traveling reflection of each character appears in passing mirrors, puddles and as a shadow on building walls. The reflected figure dances vividly until the phone receives a call and the music stops. She resumes dancing along with the music when the call ends. also contains a tutorial and demonstration of the phone’s features.

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