iTV Elite Meet

mitch oscar.jpgMitch Oscar, who knows more about iTV than practically anyone else, recently moved from Carat to MPG. He took his Collaborative Alliance with him.

Once a conference-room size event, today’s powwow of media executives, analysts and technology providers from both sides of the analog/digital divide spilled into the street outside NYC’s Helen Mills Threatre. They gathered to share learnings, research and hands-on experience in interactive television advertising (and a bit of Web video, to boot). Speakers included eMarketer’s Geoff Ramsey, MediaBank’s Brad Keywell, Sequent Partner’s Jim Spaeth, OTX’s Bruce Friend, TelevisionWeek’s Daisy Whitney and a host of others including, of course, Mitch himself.

Anyone interested in getting in on the ground floor of the next big digital advertising channel owes it to themself to try to get on Mitch’s list for this quarterly gathering of the who’s who from both sides of the media fence.

Need to make connections within the industry? He’s the man with the iTV Rolodex to end all Rolodexes.

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