Jaguar Drives Mobile Campaign on Yahoo

Luxury automaker Jaguar wanted a new way to reach consumers when introducing the new XF sedan two months ago. So, it worked with Yahoo on its first mobile advertising campaign to U.S. consumers.

A Yahoo exec says auto manufacturers are good clients for Yahoo Mobile. “Auto advertisers are coming to mobile, not just with their toe, but with their entire body, to advertise their cars,” said Michael Bayle, head of global monetization for Yahoo connected life. “It’s not just to raise awareness, but to get consumers to test drive their cars.”

While the campaign launched in October 2007 to coincide with the Los Angeles auto show, the challenge in Jaguar’s case was to engage consumers when the XF wouldn’t be available for another six months. The messaging enticed consumers to download video and wallpaper, and locate nearby dealerships that sell the vehicle, priced at $45,000 and up.

The brand had its work cut out. “There was no tactile ability for consumers to test drive and experience the car live,” said Bayle. “We really wanted to inspire anticipation, taste�an advance approach via mobile with the medium, to interact, download wallpapers, engage with the medium.”

The campaign deployed roadblocks across Yahoo’s mobile site, meaning the advertiser bought all the inventory for a period of time.

Yahoo also targeted users logged into e-mail, instant messaging, and other applications. Recent Nielsen Mobile data show Yahoo Mail receives 15 million unique users. Contextual targeting was used to reach consumers throughout other pages on Yahoo Mobile, including oneSearch.

Through the course of the campaign, Jaguar received 56,000 actions from consumers. Of those, 2447 were considered leads. Videos were downloaded and watched on handsets by 11,468 consumers; Jaguar collected 1,478 e-mail addresses with permission to send further information; and 969 consumers located a dealer on their handsets. While the ultimate goal was to have consumers test drive the vehicle, Jaguar and Yahoo measured the success of the campaign according to engagement: the number of videos watched, wallpapers downloaded, dealers located were meaningful interactions.

After a run on Yahoo, Jaguar moved the campaign, that included the development of the site, to another publisher: Microsoft. Bayle sees the ability for the campaign to be portable to a competitor such as Microsoft as a testament to the Yahoo brand.

“That investment for their mobile landing environment is of a permanent nature, because they can constantly tweak and hone that,” Bayle said.

And that included continuing the Jaguar campaign on Yahoo mobile with an exclusive buy during the NCAA Championships.

Other brands, including movie studios, have used Yahoo’s targeting capabilities to reach mobile users. Bayle said Warner Bros. ran a campaign for “Get Smart.” Entertainment companies often buy a Thursday through Sunday chunk. The Entertainment and movie sections on oneSearch are optimal places for micro-targeting audiences, the Yahoo exec said.

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