January’s Online Retail Index

The Online Retail Index from the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Forrester Research, in conjunction with Greenfield Online, found that consumers spent $2.8 billion online during January 2000 on a variety of products.

Consumers spent the most on airline tickets, followed in a dead heat by computer hardware and books, and then software and apparel. Media products (books, music, videos, and software) accounted for $653.6 million, or 23.3 percent of the month’s purchases. The combined air, hotel, and car rental business booked online in January equals $582.8 million, or nearly 21 percent of all online purchases in the month.

NRF/Forrester Online Retail Index
January 2000
Category Total Spent
(in thousands)
Software $186,657.79
Books $224,366.97
Music $143,073.41
Videos $99,514.83
Office supplies $98,695.57
Apparel $181,559.60
Footwear $42,212.95
Jewelry $71,143.50
Flowers $57,727.53
Linens/Home decor $58,062.38
Small appliances $36,333.31
Toys/video games $146,064.78
Sporting goods $52,905.40
Tools and garden $26,679.23
Computer hardware $224,363.20
Consumer electronics $126,160.79
Appliances $9,751.32
Furniture $22,839.11
Food/bev $77,649.09
Health & beauty $142,829.05
Air tickets $317,608.16
Car rental $101,390.58
Hotel reservations $163,786.61
Other $173,128.09
Total spending, Jan. 2000 $2,784,503.23
Number of shoppers 13,744
Average spent per consumer $202.59
Source: NRF/Forrester

About the index:
The NRF/Forrester Online Retail Index measures, on a monthly basis, the growth and seasonality of online shopping based on data collected from online shoppers. The Index is based on 5,000 responses to an online panel fielded by Greenfield Online during the first 10 business days of each month. The monthly panel is weighted to Forrester Research’s Benchmark Panel, which surveyed nearly 90,000 US and Canadian members of a consumer mail panel developed by NPD Group. Data was weighed to represent the North American population demographically.

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