Jeep Revisits WWII-Era Model in Game

Video games set in the past or far future often don’t lend themselves to in-game advertising and product placement. But there’s an exception to every rule, as Chrysler’s Jeep brand hopes to show with the integration of its classic Willys-Overland vehicle into Electronic Arts’ World War II-era first-person shooter “Medal of Honor Airborne,” due out in January of next year.

The multi-platform deal will integrate the Willys Jeep in several stages of the game. Players can use the Jeep as a mode of transportation or as a mobile attack platform via the vehicle’s mounted weapons. Previous editions in the “Medal of Honor” series lacked playable vehicles, making the edition of the Willys-Overland a boon to players of the game. It will also access more areas than other drivable vehicles in the game.

“Jeep played an integral role in the war effort as an indispensable tool in tracking the enemy, exchanging information and moving troops. Over 350,000 Willys Jeep vehicles were built and used during WWII,” a statement issued by both companies said.

Previous video game titles with Jeep product integration have included “Tony Hawk’s Underground 2.” Jeep created a “Rail Rated” sweepstakes for players as part of that placement.

The “Medal of Honor” franchise was created by Electronic Arts in 1999 with input from Steven Spielberg after the filming of “Saving Private Ryan.” “Airborne” is due out in January on the playStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Chrysler was unavailable for comment on the product integration deal.

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