Jeeves Wants to Reign in Spain

Ask Jeeves launched a beta version of a new search service for Spain today. It’s first in what the company promises will be “a series” of European launches this calendar year.

Currently, there are no ads on Ask Jeeves España SERPs (define). A deal with a paid listings provider is reportedly pending.

The Spanish launch marks Ask Jeeves’ third international venture, following Ask Jeeves UK and Ask Jeeves Japan. The Japanese service, a joint venture between Ask Jeeves and transcosmos, launched as a beta in August 2004. It’s now out of beta, the company says. It has signed an agreement with Google, which will provide sponsored links on the site.

“International expansion is an important component to our corporate growth strategy,” said Steve Berkowitz, CEO of Ask Jeeves, in a statement. “We believe the Ask Jeeves brand has a tremendous opportunity to succeed in Europe because it offers the only differentiated world-class search experience to consumers.”

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