Jivox Brings Interactivity to Video Ads

Jivox, a do-it-yourself video advertising platform geared primarily toward small and local advertisers, is debuting a host of new interactive features in its video player on Tuesday, furthering a national trend at the local level.

Video platform providers from Tremor Media to YuMe have been enhancing their players in the past year with everything from photo galleries to “share this” links in an effort to offer more value to cash-strapped clients.

Starting today, advertisers can add their own custom Flash or HTML applets to Jivox-supported video ads. A banner on top of the video player will prompt users to “Rollover for More” as the commercial plays. A menu of options will appear when users run their mouse over the video, or when the video is done playing.

v Roundtable Pizza, a West Coast restaurant chain based in Menlo Park, CA,, is among a handful of launch clients for the new players. After viewers watch a 15-second commercial for Roundtable, they are given options such as finding a restaurant near them, accessing a coupon for that restaurant, or sharing the ad on Facebook.

Jae-won Byun, president of Round Table’s media agency, Pal 8 Media, said that the restaurant chain made the buy with Jivox because it allowed its franchisees to exert greater control over their advertising, making sure that only consumers within a 5-mile radius of their store received their coupons, for example.

“Certain franchisees have no digital strategy, but Jivox helps us to set that up,” she said. With Jivox, the franchisees “can provide coupon offers and store location and can also put more product info [into the ad]. It allows for more engagement with end users than typical, traditional banners ads.”

interactivity-preview-1.jpg “It takes the video from just being a reproduction of a TV commercial online to something a lot more engaging and memorable,” Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox, said. “What this allows advertisers to do is literally upload and plug in new features and icons for those features” without interrupting the campaign or turning to an agency for help.

Among the metrics that Jivox supplies to clients is the number of users who accessed each feature, said Nesamoney. Pal 8 Media’s Byun said one of the reasons she chose Jivox for Round Table’s video campaign is that the company didn’t charge for viewers who didn’t watch a video to completion.

Jivox, which was founded in 2008, claimed growth of 600 percent in 2009, adding 3,000 new advertisers to the service The company now claims an estimated reach of over 85 million unique visitors per month.

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