Jockey’s #GuysOnSunday Speaks to Women to Sell Men’s Underwear

Underwear brand Jockey International is inviting women to celebrate the football fanatics in their lives with its #GuysOnSunday campaign on Instagram.

The initiative launched last week in support of the brand’s men’s Sport Performance underwear line, which debuted in May.

#GuysOnSunday is a seven-week campaign that asks women to upload photos of the men in their lives “being the crazy sports fans they are every Sunday.”

In order to participate, consumers 18 and over must complete a one-time registration on the #GuysOnSunday website, which invites consumers to connect via Instagram. These consumers will subsequently be able to upload photos to Instagram and enter the giveaway weekly by using the hashtag #GuysOnSunday.

“Whether it’s their 50-year-old dad who leaps into the air after every play, new boyfriend who paints his face and engages in ‘unique’ behavior after his team scores a touchdown, or the husband who has five TVs going at once, the antics of some guys on Sunday are something to be seen… and shared,” the brand says.

As of November 19, Jockey International had about 630 Instagram followers and #GuysOnSunday had generated around 70 posts.

“Guys have their rituals and their ways of celebrating Sunday and women
often times enjoy their antics. This is an opportunity for women to participate and capture their guys on camera doing their Sunday rituals and antics and post them on Instagram for a chance to win prizes for themselves and for the guys in their lives,” says Dustin Cohn, chief marketing officer at Jockey.

He says there was no specific reason the brand picked Instagram “other than we wanted it to be a very focused medium.”

According to Jockey, its Sport line features tops and bottoms in three fabrications that provide odor control, moisture management and cooling mesh features.

“We have traditional advertising running right now to help create some awareness and as part of this message, we wanted to complement it with a more emotional brand message and connect with consumers who love not just to participate in sports, but also watch sports,” Cohn says. “So #GuysOnSunday was the perfect opportunity to connect with fans in a way that was relevant and fun.”

The brand is pushing messaging about #GuysOnSunday to its 300,000 Facebook fans and its 21,000 Twitter followers.

“The unique angle here for us is that our advertising is speaking directly toward the men who wear the product and buy the product, but #GuysonSunday targets women and the fact that about 40 percent of women make underwear purchases for the guys in their lives,” Cohn says. “This is an opportunity to speak to her and send a message to both of them.”

The campaign targets 30- to 45-year-old women, he adds.

According to Jockey, a winner will be chosen at random each week for an gift card and a Jockey Sport product. All entrants will also be entered in the grand prize drawing for a chance to win a $1,000 spa gift card and $1,500 shopping spree, as well as $2,500 towards a “man cave makeover.”

“Just as real as the Sunday antics, Jockey Sport underwear is real performance. No other underwear or socks tested fight odor better or dry faster to help keep you cooler,” the brand says.

On November 14, Jockey also announced it was releasing limited edition briefs in partnership with the upcoming Anchorman 2 movie to commemorate a Jockey product that appears in the film. In a press release, the brand said it would have related Facebook, Twitter and Instagram activations.

Jockey was founded in 1876. It says its products are sold in department and specialty stores in more than 140 countries.

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