Jostens Supplies Super Bowl Rings for Madden ‘08

madden bling.JPGThe highly-coveted Super Bowl ring worn by NFL players is now available to players of EA’s Madden NFL 08. Those who reach a certain level of accomplishment can order design a ring through the game’s interface, then order it from Jostens. The “Ring of a Champion” can be custom-designed by the player, and not only signifies a player’s reaching a certain stature in the game’s rankings, but can also reflect extraordinary achievements pulled of in those winning games.

Like your old class ring, players can choose from non-precious metals, 10K white and yellow gold, and simulated gemstones. Prices range from $149 for a non-precious ring to $495 for 10K gold designs. If a virtual champion wants the full bling of genuine diamonds, instead of cubic zirconium stones, Jostins will do it for a few dollars more. Madden NFL 08 with the ability to play for and create your championship ring comes out on August 14.

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