Jumpstart Adds Local Targeting for Car Dealers

Jumpstart Automotive Media added several features, including local targeting and pay-per-call, to its lead program for auto dealers.

Whereas the program was previously limited to email leads, regional dealers can now pay to have their names and phone numbers presented to in-market car buyers while they’re on car research pages. The phone numbers, displayed within small contextual ads made to look like integrated content, use trackable pay-per-call technology.

Ads will appear on auto sites NADA Guides and Consumer Guide, and will be targeted by ZIP code and car make. The sites collect the ZIP code as part of their registration process.

It’s the first time regional dealers have been able to target local consumers on the car research sites. The feature was previously available only to national advertisers.

“Our message to the local dealer is that there are a number of ways to reach the local customer,” Jumpstart CEO Mitch Lowe told ClickZ News. “[They] need to be looking at phone leads as being the next step in the process.”

Additionally, the company now offers search marketing services and free landing pages to local dealers. Jumpstart will act as an agency, bidding for sponsored listings on the major search engines’ results pages. Dealers are only charged on a per-lead basis, as opposed to per-click, and Jumpstart will absorb the cost of any clicks that don’t turn into leads.

“It’s a way for a lot of dealers to get comfortable with something they know they should be doing,” he said.

Ad inventory reaching in-market car buyers is notoriously scarce and often prohibitively expensive for regional dealers, making performance-based marketing a must.

In a bid to increase the available display advertising, Jumpstart recently partnered with Revenue Science to offer behavioral targeting to sites that don’t specialize in automotive publishing. Lowe said only a few big networks have joined so far, but that “40 or 50 sites are going to be added.”

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