JupiterResearch Sold to Kagan

Jupitermedia’s JupiterResearch unit, for many years a fount of Internet data and analysis, has been sold to media and TV researcher Kagan Research. The combined company will operate under the name JupiterKagan, and offer both syndicated and custom research, as well as consulting and appraisal services.

It’s the second time the storied research and consulting entity has been married off since it first pierced the rarified bubble-era atmosphere with several high-flying online ad and retail forecasts. It was originally part of Jupiter Media Metrix, which fell on hard times around mid-2000 as one after another of its dot-com clients bit the dust. Between 2000 and 2002 JMM sold off all its assets. The research group was the last to go at about the exact moment the Internet economy hit bottom and started its long upward climb. Alan Meckler’s INT Media Group acquired it for less than a song — $250,000 — and then took on its name.

This time around JupiterResearch fetched a much more respectable $10.1 million. Here’s Jupiter SVP of Research David Schatsky in his official blog post on the deal: “The rationale for the merger is pretty simple: combine our complementary assets and build a bigger, more influential research and consulting powerhouse that can advise clients at every phase of the media and technology lifecycle, from appraising a deal to programming content in a multi-platform digital world.”

Full disclosure: ClickZ was previously owned by Jupitermedia, and will continue to be partially operated by the company during this calendar year. Jupitermedia is steadily morphing into a stock images business, and has used most of the cash from its divestitures to buy new stock photo providers.

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