Kanoodle Scores MSNBC.com As Client

Paid search listings provider Kanoodle.com will be supplying news site MSNBC.com with content-targeted sponsored links, the companies are expected to announce Wednesday.

Kanoodle will provide its ContextTarget sponsored links throughout MSNBC.com, which runs stories and other content from NBC’s Dateline, the Today Show and Nightly News, among others. Kanoodle.com will also provide sponsored links for MSNBC.com’s original reporting, including news and features.

The company launched its content-targeted sponsored links program, ContextTarget, in January and has garnered clients including CBS MarketWatch.com, Quicken.com, The Motley Fool and, now, MSNBC.com.

Kanoodle’s approach to contextual advertising is different from that of most of its competitors, including Google and Overture. Rather than selling ads based on keywords, it maps out clients’ sites by content areas and sells based upon those categories.

Listings are ranked both by the bid price and by the ad’s relevance, as determined by click-through rate.

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