Kefta Lets Customers Self Serve

Marketing solutions firm Kefta now offers its personalization platform on a self-service basis. Offered as a slimmed-down hybrid of its Dynamic Targeting product and other services, it serves as an entry-level platform for small- and medium-sized businesses to improve targeting of ads, landing pages, and other marketing elements.

“The market is much more sophisticated than it used to be,” said Kefta CEO Philippe Suchet. “There’s more pressure for delivering sales, a need to go beyond buying keywords on a search engine.”

The self-service product offers clients the ability to manage optimization campaigns from a Web-based interface. Planning and adjustment can be made based on segmentation, campaign structuring, and targeting Optimization can be based on things like site behavior, search queries, and geo-targeting data.

“This is the first Web interface for a personalization campaign [product],” said Mark Ogne, VP of marketing at Kefta. “The whole concept of targeting and personalization is a top interest that most online marketers are expressing today, but the entry point for most people is a difficult process and still a rather expensive endeavor.”

In addition to bringing the cost down, the self-service option works well with newcomers to the market who have studied personalization and behavioral targeting.

“The market is much more sophisticated than it used to be,” said Suchet. “We are really seeing a much greater penetration of such technology in the marketplace. We see the market has a need and is asking for the technology and services we have.”

The initial product is a “stripped down version of our existing technology,” said Suchet. While it doesn’t do all the things the full-service product does, Kefta expects new clients to use the service and move to Kefta’s full-service product as needs increase. “It’s really more a matter of making sure our customers can find exactly what they’re looking for,” said Suchet.

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