Killface Wants to Market His World Annihilation Plans

killface.jpgKillface wants to destroy the earth with his “Annihilatrix,” but he wants to make sure the word gets out first. So, what does he do? Hires a marketing team!

A new show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, Frisky Dingo, is hilariously disturbing and will have anybody involved in the ad industry in stiches. Well, it had me crackin’ up the other night. The first episode is the one to watch.

Who could resist a line like this? “My job is to complete the annihilatrix and destroy mankind by driving this vile planet straight into the sun, and your job is to market it.”

Make sure to check out Killface on the Adult Swim site riffing on reasons why he wants to destroy the earth, including Sagamore Farm’s Old Fashioned Rasin Toast:

“Toast is not raised on a farm….The package states that this toast is bursting with raisins…. You know how many raisins there are in the average slice of this bread? Nine, nine raisins. So I think someone down there in the farm’s marketing department needs to look up the definition for bursting, because nine isn’t.”

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