King of Search to Meet Queen of England

clickz_ukandeu.gifQueen_Elizabeth.jpgIt seems the Queen’s interest in the digital world has evolved since admitting, as she awarded Bill Gates with an honorary Knighthood in 2005, that she didn’t own a computer.

Following the success of a dedicated RoyalChannel on YouTube, Her royal highness Queen Elizabeth II will pay a visit to Google’s London headquarters on October 16 to tour the offices and meet staff, with husband the Duke of Edinburgh in tow.

The YouTube channel itself has racked up over 22,000 subscribers since launching in December, Google says. A statement from the search giant and YouTube owner read, “The Queen has a keen interest in technology and we’re looking forward to showing our guests some of the exciting projects we’re working on.”

I had wondered if Elizabeth herself would be quite as excited by the prospect, but I came across a statement from Buckingham Palace stating, “The Queen supports all forms of new technology and pays interest to the latest developments.”

That pretty much clears that up then: The Queen loves search.

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