Klipmart Rolls Out In-Stream Product

Klipmart is today expected to announce an in-stream video advertising product that consolidates media placement and reporting on these most coveted of online ads.

Called Universal In Stream, the offering is geared toward agencies and aims to simplify the deployment of ads that run before or during broadband video content. Klipmart executives say it will come as a godsend to beleaguered creatives and media brokers who today place more video campaigns and executions than they ever have.

“We’re reducing the time to market for what right now is a really complicated process,” said Chris Young, Klipmart’s CEO. “It’s the Wild Wild West out there. You’re buying in-stream ads on 20 different Web sites. People are sending creative in different codecs, plus all kinds of different client approval links. It’s very complicated for an agency.”

With the new product, Klipmart will encode a single video ad and send the execution to each Web site in the media buy. The agency receives back one consolidated report with both reach and frequency metrics.

Young says “the top 30 sites on the Internet,” have certified the product. The site roster includes Yahoo, but Klipmart hasn’t gotten permission to divulge the names of other publishers.

Klipmart had processed about 10 beta campaigns for agency clients using the new system.

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