Kodak Launches “Simply Pictures” Microsite

Kodak has launched a home-themed microsite, One Kodak Lane, meant to show off craft projects, gifts and party favors people can create by taking and printing digital pictures. The company’s interactive agency of record, Avenue A | Razorfish, developed the site, which is aimed at the millions of people who bought and received digital cameras over the holidays.

“Our focus on this project was to find a user-friendly way to tell the story of the great ways that Kodak can help you not only get your standard 4 x 6 prints, but also do a lot of other things with those images,” Pete Stein, SVP and GM East for Avenue A | Razorfish, told ClickZ.

The main target for the site is moms with several kids, age 25 to 44. Stein said the agency is cognizant this audience is sometimes intimidated by technology, so site designers sought to make it as accessible and simple as possible. But the team also sought to include elements that would engage other members of the family.

“We wanted to really make it something everyone could identify with,” said Todd Thiessen, senior strategy manager on the Kodak account. “We wanted to make it a very familiar, warm environment for them.”

The microsite’s navigational metaphor is a house. A video of the mother introduces visitors to One Kodak Lane. “We used video because we really wanted to use that warmth,” said Stein. “A big trend we’re seeing is the end of the silent movie. The Web is no longer flat when it comes to audio.”

After viewing the video, users can navigate to the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the office or the craft room. Each has its own musical soundtrack. Each space contains elements representing either a Kodak product or a photo-printing project. When users click on a photo calendar, for example, they can access instructions explaining how to create one for themselves.

Thiessen notes the house theme and format will allow Avenue A | Razorfish to update the site with new rooms and objects. The agency will add anywhere between two and four projects, and one to two products, every other month. Eventually, it will begin collecting email addresses on the site so it can inform interested parties of updates as they occur. The agency is also considering other ways of involving users, such as soliciting user-generated content about photo projects.

Initially, Kodak is spreading the word about the site through package inserts in digital cameras, printers, and the like. The company will also link from Kodak.com and will send a message to its email house list. A digital marketing campaign, including paid search and display advertising, is also in the works, though the companies are still ironing out details.

Avenue A | Razorfish will track users’ interactions with the site and will also implement tracking code that will enable the agency to track all the way through to the sale.

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