Kraft Recipes on Your iPod

A new marketing application from Kraft is leveraging the iPod phenomenon in a way that goes beyond podcasting (define). Owners of the ubiquitous device who download the company’s “Greatest Hits of Summer” widget can carry a library of over 100 Kraft-inspired recipes with them wherever they go.

The download, promoted at, offers grilling ideas, desserts, and additional recipes featuring Kraft ingredients. Users can browse recipes using the iPod’s scroll wheel and look up ingredients while at the grocery store.

“Because Kraft consumers have busy lives and demanding schedules, we liked the idea of being able to provide them with food ideas and resources wherever they might need them,” Ian Smith, director of global digital marketing at Kraft, told ClickZ News.

The Kraft recipe files use the iPod Notes feature, stored separately from audio files on the player and take up less than one megabyte of space. Smith said Kraft will develop additional downloads if there is continued positive consumer response and interest.

“In evaluating this opportunity, we considered iPod’s broad appeal, personality and leadership in the digital music player category,” said Smith.

The promotion is one of a limited number of iPod applications that don’t use audio, an area that may be ripe for innovation. The iPod Photo is particularly well-suited to graphical development. One entrepreneur has made subway maps for several cities available for download at

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