L-Soft’s LISTSERV® is a system that allows users to create, manage, and control electronic mailing lists on their corporate network or on the Internet.

LISTSERV is available for VM, VMS, 13 brands of unix, Windows NT and Windows 95. Itis also being ported to the Macintosh and MPE (HP3000) environments.

Additionally, L-Soft has released a new product designed specifically for marketers: LISTSERV Maestro. Maestro guides users through the process of preparing e- mail campaigns for delivery: creating the message, assigning team responsibilities, selecting a targeted list of recipients, testing and scheduling delivery and tracking responses.

The company also offers outsourcing and ASP services.

In addition to LISTSERV Classic, L-Soft also offers LISTSERV Lite, which lacks some of the advanced features of the Classic edition. Lite is an entry-level mailing list manager for small to mid-size sites who want to host Internet or Intranet mailing lists, but who do not need high-level functionality. It is targeted at smaller sites, typically with 5-20 mailing lists of up to 2,000 subscribers in size.

The LISTSERV Free Edition is a freeware version of LISTSERV Lite, limited to a maximum of 10 mailing lists with up to 500 subscribers each. This version is free as long as the licensee does not derive a profit, directly or indirectly, from using the software.

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