L90, Adidas Get Ready for School

Online advertising company L90 Inc. Friday announced the launch of a two-month long back-to-school online promotion for adidas, which consists of a commerce enabled micro-site.

The so-called “adidas e-rena” promotion, is designed to drive consumers to thestore.adidas.com , the athletic footwear maker’s Web site.

L90 says the “e-rena” will be promoted via targeted 468×60 banners and ads on top branded sites, including Alloy.com, FamilyWonder.com, iParenting, Sega.com. The company hopes to reach children, teens, and their parents.

The centerpiece of the campaign is the “e-rena” micro-site. When a consumer clicks on an Adidas promotion, L90 said, the micro-site will launch, allowing visitors to interact with adidas content and buy adidas products while staying on the host Web site. The adidas e-rena micro-site will also launch automatically when a visitor enters certain targeted areas within these Web sites.

“Adidas is excited to be partnering with L90 on this innovative promotion,” said Annette Stroud, director of e-commerce, adidas America.

“The back-to-school time frame is such an important one for adidas, and we are certain that this promotion will help us reach our target market in an impactful way.”

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