Land O’Lakes Website Shows a Year on Family Farms

farmfamilies-desktop-01Butter and dairy product brand Land O’Lakes has launched a web experience, A Year of Simple Goodness, to show where the brand’s products originate and to look at the lives of the farm families who help make them.

The effort was created by ad agency Colle + McVoy, which says it has worked to modernize the brand, make it relevant to younger consumers and draw out shared values between consumers and farm families.

Featuring several families, the site reveals what a Colle + McVoy rep calls “real moments and sentiments of the family members through all four seasons.”

The site includes video, audio and images, which the rep says “bring to life their commitment to producing a quality product and help connect the farm families with everyday families in an emotional and visually powerful way.”

Launched in August with spring and summer features, the site has rolled out additional seasons as the year has progressed. It complements the brand’s efforts on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, says Mike Caguin, chief creative officer at Colle + McVoy, with content including images and recipes.

With the addition of the final season in November, the website is now a complete experience as it stands, but will “continue to evolve in social content we share through our own channels and through a blogger partnership in 2014,” says Jamie Moran, account director for Land O’Lakes at Colle + McVoy.

According to Moran, Land O’Lakes includes roughly 1,000 cooperative members across the U.S. The brand chose to feature “families that have kids in our sweet spot for the target audience and that were willing to let us into their homes and experience what life is like on the farm.”

According to the rep, Land O’Lakes launched the site because people want to see where their food comes from “in the brand transparent world we live in.”

Land O’Lakes is nearly a 100-year old brand that has worked with the agency for more than three years “to really help think about how to modernize their brand through the lens of being relevant to younger consumers,” Moran adds.

The site is in part an effort to tell Land O’Lake’s story to that audience, Caguin says.

“We found each farm family that makes up the cooperative has shared values with our growing family mom — universal themes that are the connective tissue — and we want to provide that in a rich experience and demonstrate even though they may grow up on a farm and live a different lifestyle and I may live in a city, there’s so much in common, shared and unique,” he says. “The notions about simplicity, hard work, doing the right thing [and] wanting the best for your kids are all universal themes [and are reflected on the site].”

To further hammer home that emotional connection, the site uses a font that looks like handwriting, Moran adds.

The site’s target is 35-to-44-year-old moms of school-age kids, who use Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

According to Moran, Land O’Lakes launched an Instagram profile at the end of 2010 and has been on Pinterest for about a year.

“Pinterest is quite frankly is a huge player for us. It’s the third highest organic traffic driver to the site and as we think about role Pinterest plays, recipe content is right up there at the top,” she adds.

That’s in part why the site includes the ability to pin content directly.

Land O’Lakes has 75,000 Facebook fans, 10,000 Twitter followers, 21,000 followers on Pinterest and 1,900 followers on Instagram.

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