Latin American ISP Costs Differ

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The cost of Internet access in Latin America varies widely depending on which country you live in, according to the report “Internet Topology and Connectivity in the Americas” released at Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network conference in Brazil.

The report found there are 215 ISPs in the region. Brazil has the most with 48, followed by Mexico (45), Argentina (42), and Colombia (16). Honduras and Chile each have 12 ISPs, Venezuela has seven, while Trinidad & Tobago, Peru, and Costa Rica each have four. Belize has three ISPs, the Bahamas has two, while Suriname, French Guyana, Ecuador, and Cuba each have one.

While the cost of Internet access varies by country in Latin America, the report set the average cost at $36.23 (US dollars).

As for nations with just one ISP, in Puerto Rico access costs $29 (US), Suriname costs $17.50, French Guyana $23.81, and in Ecuador, Internet access costs $45 per month.

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