Layoffs in the Post-Adware Era

Direct Revenue today, Claria tomorrow?

The age of adware is finally facing extinction. This week, some 40 employees were laid off at Soho Digital. This after the company has received a torrent of negative PR, direct and indirect, as an adware vendor. As a friend of mine said the other day, the gig is up. Who needs to download a “free screensaver” that runs ads? There are a billion free screensavers out there that don’t. Need CD ripping/burning software? Why download? It’s baked into your OS.

Like Gator-turned-Claria, Direct Revenue is reinventing itself in the behavioral marketing space. The question now is with Claria under new leadership, will a large percentage of its employees be filing out the door next week? It looks as if resume polishing may be in order.

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