Leap Year: Let’s Party


Are you a Leaper?

Some calendar challenged people, going by the name of The Quadrennial Council, want your attention — and sympathy.

“People born on leap day suffer more than most know,” reads the council’s Web site.

How so? “Retirees charged and arrested for under-aged drinking,” the site says.

The council, which says it’s based in “Leaptown, DE,” purchased keywords on Google for “leap year parties.”

Headed up by “Bjorn A. Leepur,” the council contends it wants to improve the lives of people born on Feb. 29. It’s calling for Feb. 29 to be added to the calendar each and every year.

The man (and woman) behind the curtain appear to be a PR team based in Alexandria, VA: Bremmer & Goris Communications. The firm registered the domain name, leapday08.com.

Okay, so where’s the party?

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