Lee Readies HotJobs Launch, Gets Cozier with Yahoo

lee_enterpriseslogo.gifI got the chance to chat with Greg Schermer, VP interactive media at Lee Enterprises this afternoon. The paper publisher is a member of Yahoo’s newspaper consortium. Schermer told me Lee will have Yahoo’s HotJobs classifieds platform implemented across 28 of its “Enterprises,” a.k.a. sites, by the middle of the month. He also hinted that “further agreements with Yahoo” are anticipated, and he expects the contractual relationship to move into the “partnership stage.”

I asked him how Yahoo has been to work with so far. “They have been extremely responsive to date,” he told me, adding, “The technical side, as you would expect, is superb.”

In its recent earnings report, Lee said its online ad revenue rose 53 percent in Q4 ’06 over Q4 of last year.

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