Legal Advertising Will Grow on Net

Internet advertising by the legal field should grow over the next three years, according to a survey conducted for The Affiliates, a legal staffing service.

Ninety-three percent of the lawyers polled said they expect the level of Internet advertising in the legal field to increase over the next three years. None of the survey respondents believed there would be a decrease in online visibility over this period.

Attorneys were asked, “During the next three years, do you expect to see an increase or decrease in the number of attorneys and/or law firms advertising on the Internet?” In addition to the 93 percent that predicted an increase, 1 percent said the amount of advertising would not change, and 6 percent had no answer

“Today’s legal managers not only recognize the benefits of online marketing, but also understand that more businesses as well as the general public expect to access information about law firms via Web sites,” said Kathleen Call, executive director of The Affiliates.

As with other industries, ads on the Internet could help level the playing ground with larger companies.

“Firms of all sizes are establishing customized Web pages featuring background on their practices, attorney profiles, client testimonials, and areas of expertise, Call said. “The Internet has also allowed many firms to establish links to targeted legal sites, which enable online users to locate key information more easily.”

The survey was conducted by an independent research firm and includes responses from 200 attorneys among the nation’s 1,200 largest law firms.

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