Less Cash for Yahoo Pub Network Affiliates?

yahoo-logo-735610.jpgSo, apparently some Yahoo Pub Network affiliates are experiencing dips in their ad impressions (according to WebMaster World by way of Search Engine Journal).

I asked Yahoo about it, and they didn’t have anything to say Beyond! This! Statement!:

The Yahoo! Publisher Network beta is intended to serve advertisers seeking to reach high-quality U.S. customers. Those advertisers pay for traffic from Yahoo’s network of publishers, and it’s of the highest importance to Yahoo! that our advertisers continue to receive the highly targeted traffic they have come to expect from Yahoo!. Although we haven’t launched any changes recently, we continually enhance and update our various policies and filters, and we will periodically make changes that can impact our marketplace.

Not that the affiliates on WMW were complaining, but I’m sure they’re not happy about it. Of course, the fact is, Yahoo’s priority is to please advertisers (sure, and users, too), but less so, affiliates.

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