Less Wind for Domain Kiting

Domain tasting (define) and kiting (define), where Web wrongdoers register domains for the five-day trial period to run ads or other quick moneymaking schemes then let the trial period lapse only to register again with another domain registry, has been in somewhat of a decline. Google took a step closer to stomping out any complicity of AdSense with a domain kiting detection system. “If we determine that a domain is being kited, we will not allow Google ads to appear on the site. We believe that this policy will have a positive impact for users and domain purchasers across the Web,” said a Google spokesperson statement. It is not clear what the domain kiting detection system is, but some sources, including a blog post dating back to late January suggests Google will not accept domains less than five days old on the network, meaning under the tasting period.

Typo squatting won’t be as easily squashed entirely. Just this morning Search Engine Journal posted not only an example, but a first hand experience coming across a typo squatting site.

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