Letter to ClickZ Subscribers

Dear ClickZ Subscriber,

As we work to make ClickZ serve you better, we’ve changed the way your subscription works. Because you subscribe to one or more newsletters in the same Track, beginning Thursday, March 21, your subscription will convert to a ClickZ’s Track: Email Marketing; Smarter Marketing; Media Buying; Content & Creativity, Customer Relationship; Ad Technology, Affiliate Marketing; or Search Engine Marketing.

Our newsletter choices became very numerous indeed — over 35! We think choice is good, but too much choice is confusing (think long-distance calling plans… or airline fares). So, we aligned all our newsletters into tracks. You’ll receive the newsletters in the track reflecting your interest. (Subscriptions to ClickZ Today and ClickZ Weekly, which bring subscribers all columns, are unaffected.)

We won’t overwhelm you with more email than you bargained for. To maintain variety and scope, we’ve reduced the frequency of some newsletters. If you currently get one or two newsletters each week, you won’t receive six! The new editorial calendar is here.

Why are we doing this?

    Relevance. If you’re interested in a specific topic, such as email marketing, you’re better served receiving information on its myriad aspects. Subscribers to “Column X” often write in asking the writer to address a topic we’re covering in “Column Y.”

    Efficiency. We’ll meet your needs without confusion and clutter.

    Flexibility. New ClickZ columns or writers had to “find” an audience and subscribers from scratch. Our strict double opt-in policy meant if we discontinued a column, we lost the subscribers. ClickZ Track subscriptions ensure we’re reaching you within your field of interest and allows us more flexibility to meet your needs.

We’re looking forward to hearing your reaction. Of course, we hope you won’t — but there will always be an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every ClickZ newsletter.

Best regards,
Rebecca Lieb
Executive Editor

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