LimeLife Courts Mobile Women

Mobile entertainment company LimeLife is courting an unconventional set of gamers — women — and it’s launching two concurrent promotions to show off its wares to the audience.

The two promotions reach out via different media. One is mobile itself, running on Cingular’s deck; the other is centered around the company’s Web site. The aim is to get women familiar with LimeLife’s mobile games and content. Some of LimeLife’s mobile software is pay-for-download, while some is sponsored by advertisers, including Procter & Gamble. The company is also producing content in association with traditional media companies, such as Time Inc.

Both promotions have themes associated. The Web-based promotion, which supports LimeLife’s Web site relaunch, takes on the idea of a launch party. LimeLife VP of Marketing Barbara Rybka said site visitors will be “invited to celebrate with the ladies who launch.” In addition to highlighting the company’s new Web site, the promotion touts the addition of two new games to its catalog, “Girls’ Night Out BlackJack” and “Hollywood Hangman.” Visitors can enter to win a coveted pouchette purse from Louis Vuitton.

The promotion with Cingular will run from July 11 to August 10. The winner will receive a pink Motorola SLVR handset loaded with LimeLife games, and a Chanel cell phone purse.

Mobile users who download a LimeLife game within Cingular’s walled garden will automatically be entered to win. Another way to enter is to take part in a weekly trivia question.

LimeLife is using the carrier-based and direct-to-consumer promotions to build its house list to promote future offerings. Rybka stressed the importance of building repeat traffic.

The company is the word out about its promotions via Cingular, which will publicize the carrier-based promotion. LimeLife also plans to test email marketing, search engine marketing, bounty-based ad networks and sites that list sweepstakes.

The company’s new Web site gives women a location to search for content for their mobile phones. The product offerings include mobile games; lifestyle tools like recipes, entertainment news, fashion tips and fitness tools; fashion graphics like wallpapers; and the daily dose, a subscription-based SMS program of horoscopes or “Vitamin Me,” a daily pep talk or inspirational message.

“Our objective is to build a community of women who look to LimeLife as a source for content built for them,” Rybka told ClickZ News.

Future plans for the site include the possible launch of a blog to promote products but also provide information of interest to women. While the emphasis will remain the mobile lifestyle, Rybka intends the site to become a “destination for women looking for ways to simplify their life.”

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