Lindt Conducts Multi-City Bunny Search

Each spring as Easter approaches, candy and chocolate bunnies hop onto store shelves. To help its chocolatier client Lindt gain visibility this year, Boston-based agency Cone developed a campaign for the company’s signature gold bunny that includes a microsite and tasting tour in several cities.

The microsite, at, comes with an advergame, a history of the Lindt bunny, pages of Easter preparation tips, and information about street team visits to San Francisco, New York, Boston and Chicago.

Each of the site’s elements, especially the game, are meant to “demonstrate Lindt is a fun, lively and energetic company,” said Brian Reich, director of new media at Cone.

The game, developed by Blockdot, features a bunny hunt in each of the four cities on the chocolatier’s tour. In each town, the game features an aerial photo users can drag around, in Google Maps fashion, to locate the gold bunny and also look for the rabbit’s shadow. It’s the company’s first foray into games, said Reich.

The site and game have been promoted on gaming sites and magazines, as well as food, family and airline magazines. Moms and families are the game’s target. The site is currently focused on the Easter holiday, but may get a seasonal refresh for different holidays.

The site also includes a history of the Lindt bunny, recipes, and guides to making an Easter centerpiece or Gold Bunny cupcakes. It received a reported 30,000 visits last month, with user sessions averaging four minutes.

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