LinkedIn Opens Sponsored InMail Gates to Mobile Ads

linkedin-inmail-adsLinkedIn is stepping up its content marketing offering with Sponsored InMail on mobile. From now on, marketers and advertisers will be able to leverage users’ inboxes to get content in front of their eyes.

As LinkedIn reveals, more than 50 percent of inbox pageviews emanate from mobile devices, so this is the highest return on investment (ROI)-bearing channel for advertisers wanting to get their message across.

The format allows for native and tailored content that will appeal directly to the addressee: personalized invitations to specific events, targeted and customized promotions, white papers – you name it.

Sponsored InMails will be treated as normal mail, meaning that users will get notifications on desktop and mobile as they do for any mail coming to their inboxes. The formats are mobile-optimized for Android, iPhone, and mobile Web.

The expected results? Higher conversions; a stronger presence and visibility, i.e. brand awareness; and easier, faster community growth by way of driving memberships to LinkedIn groups…the works.

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