Live Video in a Banner Ad

Ah, this item’s making me nostalgic for the days when ClickZ covered innovative rich media formats on an almost weekly basis. DoubleClick has released a new ad unit capable of streaming live video. The Times had a nice write-up on the ad product’s inaugural customer, New Line’s Jim Carrey vessel “The Number 23.” Production company Foglight Entertainment recorded confessions and obsessions of people attending a live event in a Washington D.C. bar, then streamed those confessions in near real-time inside the ad unit.

Nifty, though very few advertisers possess quality live video to plug into an ad. First you need an event, second you need a production crew, third you need a campaign goal. IBM had one last year when it enabled live video chats with its sales reps inside the banner. The technology’s cool-factor will only take it so far.

Update: On24 just called to rightly chastise me for not mentioning its in-banner live streaming video ad product. Called Bannercast Live, it launched in November.

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