Local.com to Buy IYP Ad Provider

local.com_logo.gifDoes the local media industry ever slow down? Today’s news is that Local.com plans to acquire IYP provider soUno Directional Media Solutions for $2.25 million in cash plus $6.75 million in Local.com common stock. Considering the fact the firm has just 20 employees, soUno obviously isn’t a huge yellow pages player. The company has 13,000 advertisers across the country paying $300 on average to be featured in its online listings.

Local.com already powers the IYP ad provider’s search function, and said it will integrate soUno into Local.com, and give its advertisers premium Local.com placement. Mainly, this deal will help Local.com to build out its ad offerings and gives it an entry into the market of small business advertisers spending less than $500 per year.

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