Long Live the Pre-Roll (for Now)

Hate pre-roll video ads?

Don’t count on them going away anytime soon.

Heavy Media’s John Lumpkin and Voxant CEO Marcien Jenckes both made that assessment today at an iBreakfast program, “Web Video, Where’s the Money?”

“The bulk of the [Web video ad] dollars is in pre-roll. It scales. It’s easy for advertisers to create and deploy. It will take awhile for the market to evolve,” said Jenckes, formerly AOL’s vice president of messaging, community, and voice.

Lumpkin concurred, suggesting that advertisers stick to :15 spots and avoid longer ones.

“Pre-rolls will never go away. If you’ve spent a lot time on TV [ads], and if you’re not doing the Internet, then you haven’t done your job,” said Lumpkin, Heavy’s SVP of sales strategy and partnerships.

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