‘Love Has No Labels’ Tops YouTube’s March Leaderboard

Big brands are continuing to flock to YouTube to engage with consumers. With so much creative content on the platform, which brands stood out in March of this year?

With 47.6 million views, The Ad Council’s video “Love Has No Labels” ranks top on YouTube’s March 2015 leaderboard, followed by Durex’s promotional ad “#Connect” and two videos about Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Check out YouTube’s leaderboard of the top 10 video ads in March 2015 below.

1. The Ad Council

Love has no race, and love has no age limit, and apparently, universal love has found its place on YouTube.

The Ad Council’s spot was designed to draw attention to bias and discrimination. The three-minute video asks friends, families, and significant others to pose behind an X-ray screen. In front of the screen, the audience can only see two skeletons hugging, kissing, or dancing. Then the two performers show up and reveal their differences to the audience: some are same-sex pairs, some are from different cultures, and some are different ages.

In spite of all the differences, one thing remains the same: the love between each couple.

2. Durex

Durex’s “#Connect” campaign tricked many couples in the video. The condom brand invented a new mobile technology to improve people’s sex life, and invited a number of couples to experiment with the new product for free. While participants were excited to know what the free technology was, they were told that the way to improving their sex life was switching the “off” button.

3. Samsung Mobile

The video ad is simply an introduction of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. It shows the model’s aesthetic merits and immersive viewing experience.

4. Samsung Mobile

Another Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge video was well-received by YouTube users as well. It has generated 9.2 million views and ranks fourth on the list.

5. YouTube

The video is an ad for the 2015 YouTube Music Awards to celebrate emerging and popular artists on the platform.

6. Geico

“Unskippable” might just be the best five-second ad on YouTube – just as the video says, “You cannot skip this ad, because it’s already over.” No matter whether you feel the video is genius or deceptive, you cannot miss the message: Geico can help you save 15 percent more on car insurance.

7. YouTube

In recognition of International Women’s Day, YouTube initiated a #DearMe campaign featuring a number of female celebrities on this platform, including Michelle Phan and Laci Green. In the video, those YouTube stars send a message to their respective younger selves, encouraging women to be confident and to be who they want to be.

8. GoPro

This is not a typical BuzzFeed cat video, but instead a GoPro ad featuring Didga the skateboarding cat from Australia who shows off her skills at a local skate park, like a boss!

9. Valspar

Nearly 300 million people in the world are colorblind. To help those people see colors, paint brand Valspar initiated #ColorForAll project in collaboration with EnChroma, maker of color blindness-correcting glasses. The video “Color for the Colorblind” shows the impact colors can have on the colorblind group.

10. Clean & Clear

The skincare brand’s “See the Real Me” campaign was designed to encourage girls to show who they really are. As part of the campaign, the video tells how a transgender girl named Jazz becomes fearless to show the world her true self.

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