Macy’s to Launch Clear Channel Mobile/Web Station This Week

As I note today in my piece about Clear Channel’s growing integrated media division, the firm has moved far beyond terrestrial radio only. They’re busy building out their New York integrated media office, and creating custom work – rich media, video, cross-media DJ-tie-ins, mobile, in-person events – for lots of big name clients like Ford, McDonald’s, and Six Flags.

Later this week, Clear Channel plans to launch a new channel in its popular iheartradio platform, a streaming radio Web and mobile offering, on behalf of retailer Macy’s. “Red Star Radio” will feature tunes from Black Eyed Peas, Death Cab for Cutie, Kings of Leon, and others. In addition to use for Blackberry devices and Apple iPhone and iTouch, the media firm makes iheartradio available in widget form online for distribution on blogs or social sites.

Anyone else reminded of “I Heart Huckabees“? (Coincidentally, the marketing of a big department store brand served as the backdrop in that flick.)

In conjunction with the campaign, Macy’s is also running a “Be a DJ for a Day” contest; the winner will assist in radio programming for a day in NYC, and get $500 to spend at the department store.

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