Mad Men Drives Coke’s Digital Consumption By 991%

In the Mad Men finale on Sunday night, Don Draper sat in the lotus position and ended his journey with a nod to Coca-Cola’s iconic “Hilltop” spot. That moment has exploded digital consumption around the brand by 991 percent, according to digital marketing platform Amobee.

The commercial, also known as “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke,” is one of the most famous TV spots in advertising history. It was created by McCann Erickson for Coca-Cola in 1971.

After it was featured in the final episode of Mad Men, digital marketing company Amobee measured Coca-Cola’s digital consumption around the show, which is how often the brand is actually “seen” online across more than 600 thousand websites and social media.

Real-time stats from the company reveal that as of today, digital consumption around Coca-Cola has bumped 991 percent since the last minute of the Mad Men finale, the equivalent of nearly two weeks of typical online consumption for the brand. Meanwhile, there were 21,204 tweets around Coca-Cola within three hours of the show’s final moments.

While Coca-Cola provided “Hilltop” for use in the episode, the brand maintains that it didn’t pay for the integration of the ad.

“We’ve had limited awareness around the brand’s role in the series’ final episodes, and what a rich story they decided to tell,” a Coca-Cola spokesperson says. “Mad Men is one of the most popular TV shows of all time, and “Hilltop” is an iconic piece of Coca-Cola history. The finale gave everyone inside and outside the company, some for the first time, a chance to experience the magic of “Hilltop” within the context of its creation and the times.”

Digital consumption around McCann also increased 1,055 percent on May 18, compared to May 17, according to Amobee. McCann wasted no time capitalizing on the success of the mention. Its Tweet congratulating Draper on finally coming up with a good idea has been retweeted 828 times.

Homepage image via Coca-Cola.

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