Mailloop is your complete email and e-business automation software that gives you the power to automate monotonous email chores and literally make your business “hands free.”

With Mailloop, it costs you nothing to run your newsletter, no matter how big it gets. There are no complicated database programs to learn, plus, Mailloop gives you the power to:

  • Run multiple newsletters — automatically!
  • Subscribe & unsubscribe people to your newsletters and opt-in email list — automatically!
  • Use Unlimited Autoresponders! Instantly reply to customers and subscribers who email you with exactly the right message — automatically!
  • Send personalized email with subscribers’ own names — automatically!
  • Send personalized HTML with images and special formatting like bolding and italics that increase the response you get — or send plain text emails… it’s your choice!
  • Have Unlimited E-mail Accounts AND Newsletters

… plus much more!

Mailloop will even extract data from your Web forms (like order forms or applications that come via email) and put this information into a custom database. So you can then use this information to email your customers & subscribers personal letters with their own names and information!

System requirements: 486-66 (Pentium 75 or greater recommended); Windows 9x, NT, Mac (With Soft PC/Virtual Windows type software); 16MB (32MB Recommended); 28.8k+ Internet Connection; 15 megs free HD space.

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