MailworkZ Broadc@st HTML

Broadc@st HTML is an off the shelf bulk emailer solution geared towards marketers who lack full and regular access to an IT department. A few of the prominent features are listed below:

Broadc@st HTML allows you to include graphics, fonts and colors turning your messages into professional online brochures.

Campaign Manager
Your email campaigns can be sent at pre-determined times throughout the day, week or month. This feature relieves congestion on your network and allows you to send your promotions at the most favorable times.

POP Mail Import
The wizard builds a mailing list directly from incoming messages on the users POP server. Allowing you to easily start to manage the responses sent to any POP mail account.

Returned Mail Manager
This feature automatically removes undeliverable email addresses from existing mailing lists based on error messages resulting from a mailing.

Subscription Manager
This wizard automatically adds new subscribers email addresses to existing mailing lists, removes unsubscribes, or create a new list for updating lists later.

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