Mango Launches Three-Pronged Mobile Platform

A new player in the mobile space, MangoMOBILE, has introduced three products to serve agencies, wireless carriers and content providers. The mobile firm just completed its first campaign with Cingular.

Mango’s three products, MangoENGINE, MangoLIVE, and MangoCRM, work in concert to provide mobile marketing services and metrics. Mobile campaigns often require marketers work with multiple technology providers, Mango executives noted, saying the platform aims to consolidate marketing functions.

The MangoENGINE platform is a mobile content management system. It manages all the assets in a campaign, and handles any licensed material. The company holds an extensive catalog through existing relationships in the music, sports and entertainment industries, which it offers to clients for certain campaigns.

For events and ongoing campaigns, MangoLIVE is a management system that handles Text2Screen, Pics2Screen and Text2TV. It also includes SmartMESSAGING for in-venue interactions. Mango recently handled a campaign for Cingular to promote the Vans Warped Tour, which just wrapped up. Attendees at each of the 50 cities could opt in to receive the day’s band lineup, which listed when each band would play. Additional messaging included a text program for fans to meet the bands, and another where fans could send their own photos. The top three pictures were sent out to all participants at the end of the day.

Results are measured through the MangoCRM, or targeted mobile subscriber database. “We’re able to provide clients with real measurable data on any type of exposure or interaction that customers have had with a brand,” said TJ Person, president and co-founder of MangoMOBILE.

While the company is about a year old, it debuted at CTIA this week. In addition to Cingular, Mango is working with Kraft’s Oscar Mayer to offer it’s classic jingle as a ring tone and other assets in its promotion. It has relationships with Cingular, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, Verizon and Canadian carriers to facilitate on-deck campaigns.

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