Mapping out Good Business

Googlemappic.jpgTech savvy consumers are well aware of the usefulness of mapping programs to find the businesses they’re looking for, and it’s clear that businesses are starting to take a closer look at how they can improve their listings and woo consumers to them.

With that idea in mind, Google Maps is giving both sides of the fence new tools to help consumers reach good businesses but offering user ratings and reviews directly from its map system. Some time ago, Google Maps made it possible for businesses to list themselves directly onto its mapping platform, but now it’s giving users the ability to rank those listings and even make comments on them. Using Google Maps, users can search for a listing, click on the “More Info” link, and then the “Write a Review” section.

With all the interest in maps, including having the ability to place ads directly onto them, I have to wonder if local social media sites like CitySearch, Yelp, Judy’s Book, Backfence and others have a new battle on their hands as the map giants like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo push into their market in new ways.

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