Marchex gets on Yahoo Panama Bandwagon with Pay Per Click

Marchex.jpgMarchex is extending its relationship with Yahoo to convert search ad listings from its Enhance Interactive pay-per-click engine, into Yahoo Sponsored Search listings. Marchex intends to give its users more traffic and a broader reach, and stems from Yahoo’s recent Panama search marketing upgrade.

The upgrade will give pay-per-click users access to Yahoo’s updated search marketing capabilities. For instance, the company will utilize the geo-targeting capability through Yahoo’s application programming interface (API) to provide more targeted campaigns based on each advertiser’s target markets, according to the company.

“The Panama API has brought to market for Yahoo a lot of features and benefits that are great for advertisers,” said Scott Greenberg, senior vice president advertising services at Marchex. “This is one of the progressions and steps in increasing the volume of the traffic that we present to advertisers.”

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