MasterCard Invites Viewers to Finish ‘Priceless’ Oscars Commercials

MasterCard hopes to engage viewers by asking them to “fill in the blanks” in two new “priceless”-themed TV commercials. The spots, which air on the Oscars broadcast Sunday, send people to the recently-launched Web site.

The company is eager to tap into the user-generated content craze, noting that making up commercials and text with the “priceless” theme already occurs even without MasterCard’s encouragement.

“Over the years, consumers have demonstrated a sincere connection with the campaign by routinely sending personal priceless moments to us without solicitation in the form of improvised commercials,” said Amy Fuller, group executive, Americas marketing, MasterCard International, in a statement.

Both new commercials, “Sailboat” and “Typewriter,” follow the format established by MasterCard, however, the purchase points are left “blank.” A call-to-action will send viewers to fill in the blanks at the company’s Web site.

Participants will have from March 5 to May 28 to test their ability as a copywriter and script what happens in both executions. After a judging panel selects a winner — based on originality, overall appeal and relevance to the “priceless” theme — one commercial will be filmed again with the best entry.

The new version will air on TV some time in the fall.

“This initiative allows us to actively engage those at in an effective and interactive way,” Fuller said.

MasterCard’s was launched during the Super Bowl with the “priceless” ad featuring the popular character MacGyver. The site has four channels: articles, film festival, cards and services, and promotions. The film section includes all “priceless” commercials, with additional “behind-the-scenes” content.

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