MasterCard to Small Business: ‘Get Wired’

MasterCard launched an online ad campaign to support its “Get Wired” sweepstakes, which targets small business accounts. Creative executions use the “Priceless” tagline.

Small business owners with a MasterCard BusinessCard or Debit MasterCard BusinessCard are eligible for the sweepstakes. Each purchase will count as an entry into the “Get Wired” sweepstakes, which will give away three $50,000 technology makeovers. The sweepstakes starts today and will run through November.

Online ads in the campaign will appear on sites like, Yahoo Small Business,, and TV spots will include a new commercial titled “Flex,” and print ads will also run in several publications.

A Web site for the sweepstakes went live today and can be accessed at In addition to information supporting the contest, the site highlights information about technology for small businesses.

Steve Abrams, senior vice president in the corporate payment solutions department at Mastercard said “Get Wired” is designed to help small businesses get the most from technology, and the campaign reinforces the commitment.

The sweepstakes and surrounding campaign will initially launch in the U.S., U.K., the Netherlands, and Canada, but will expand to other countries next year.

The launch of the “Get Wired” campaign comes as MasterCard also announces its intention to go public.

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