Maytag and Midol Sponsor New ‘SheKnows TV’ Channel

Women’s content site SheKnows announced “SheKnows TV” today with a handful of major brand advertisers attached. The 11-year-old site has signed Maytag, Midol, Lean Cuisine, Febreze, and Cottonelle to sponsor various short-format shows being launched as part of its new original programming initiative.

Those brands will show up in a skin ad, a box display, and a masthead, with product placements also appearing in some shows. In some cases, the skin and masthead sponsorships are static, while other brands have requested those units be clickable.

sheknows“Some clients want clickable skins, some don’t,” explained Tara Schmitt, SVP of sales for the Los Angeles-based SheKnows, part of AtomicOnline. “We like to be as customized as possible; so every [campaign’s] elements are different.”

The length of the sponsorships can vary from one day to six months, Schmitt said, and most ad buys are in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars. “What makes us more affordable and efficient is that we create, produce, and edit all videos in-house…so a marketer does not have to outsource with an agency and a video production team,” she said.

Videos will run from two to eight minutes long, with new shows being posted on a regular basis. Here’s a breakdown of the current slate of shows and sponsors:

– Maytag is sponsoring “Homergency,” a home makeover series for families.

– Midol is sponsoring “Chat Pack,” featuring roundtable discussions between four women and an expert.

– Lean Cuisine is sponsoring “Delicious Life Challenge,” an online reality show following four women as they attempt to lead more fulfilling lives.

– “HomeStretch,” another makeover show, is sponsored by Febreze.

– Cottonelle is sponsoring “The Buzz,” a dose of entertainment news content.’s female demographic is, on average, 33 years old with a household income of $70,000; and 53 percent of the women are mothers. It’s currently looking for a sponsor for a show called “The Daily Dish,” which will address topics like parenting, food, beauty, and relationships.

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