McCain Ad Creative and Guesstimated Targets

mccain_bush_hug.jpgAs covered in ClickZ News recently, John McCain’s exploratory committee is running some PointRoll ads featuring lots of educational content, interactivity and streaming video. I got permission from PointRoll (who I suppose got permission from Connell Donatelli, the agency that placed them, who I suppose got permission from the McCain camp) to link to the two ad creatives.

I did a little exploration myself and discovered, simply by looking at the ad URLs, that the expandable video ad probably ran on AOL, targeted across all states in the news and information category to its “RNC roster” (a.k.a. people fitting a Republican profile, or possibly even AOL registrants matching the Republican National Committee’s roster).

Just in case they take this down, here’s the URL:

Using the same simple deduction, it appears as though the Straight talk America expandable ad ran in AOL’s Personal Finance section.

The URL:

By the way, the ads link to the site…kinky.

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