Media Metrix: Gateway Retains Convergence Index Lead Over Dell

Gateway is holding on to its lead, while Dell Computer jumped four positions in the Media Metrix Convergence Index for the first half of 1998. [IC_ARTICLE_OBJECT [SHOW IC_Article_ID] “table1”]

The index measures the progress of the installed base of US consumer PCs to support fully interactive audio and video capability over a communications network such as the Internet. Out of a perfect score of 1,000, where all PCs in US households can support fully interactive content with full motion video and audio over a high speed communications link, the current Convergence Index rating for all PCs stands at 606.

Gateway leads the major brands with a Media Metrix Convergence Index rating of 665. This means the installed base of Gateway PCs is 6 percent higher in overall technology power than the average US household PC, for example, a larger installed base of Pentium/586 PCs, faster processors, audio capability, higher speed modems, etc.

Dell has jumped from sixth to second place for a Convergence Index of 661, largely from a swelling of its installed base of Pentium IIs and 56.6 kbps modems. Of the major OEMs, Dell leads in the installed base growth of Pentium IIs and 56.6 kbps modems.

“In light of the tremendous growth in Internet usage, the big question is how quickly consumers will upgrade their PCs to be fully on par with the dream of interactive television,” said says Bruce Ryon, General Manager and Chief Technology Analyst of Media Metrix’ Technology Division.

The Media Metrix Convergence Index uses the following ten installed base technology elements that the Media Metrix Technology Division tracks for US consumer PCs: processor type, processor speed, RAM size, hard disk storage, optical drive speed, graphics resolution, color depth, audio processor, external communications speed, and operating system. Each category has a weight applied to the importance of each category, for example, communications speed is rated higher than CD-ROM speed.

In addition, a rating is applied to the installed base of each technology sub-segment, e.g., 200 MHz Pentium processors are rated higher than 100 MHz Pentium processors.

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